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Our Story

It's a story you've heard a million times: I moved to a small Midwestern town, and soon discovered they'd made dancing and rock music illegal. I struggled to fit in, but with the help of my friend Willard and our defiant pal Ariel, we were determined to loosen things up in our conservative little town. But Ariel's reverend father...wait...that's Footloose.

Anyway, we're just a bunch of dumbasses who don't take things too seriously...except food. Our menu isn't fancy, but it's prepared with care. If you order a turkey sandwich, we roasted a turkey, pulled it apart and made you a great sandwich. Order a cuban, and know we slow-cooked some carnitas and made it just right. Our roast beef - we roasted it in-house, sliced it up and served it hot. Every sauce, aioli, pickle and salsa, we made it here. You won't find any packaged deli meats, pre-battered frozen crap or iceberg lettuce here - because quite frankly, you deserve more than that.


Oh, we're also serious about music. And football. But we don't get too worked up about much else. 

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